Online School Programs

Online School Programs

On-line School Programs

Falls Road Primary subscribes to a number of web-based programs that can be accessed by students at home and at school. Each student will have a user name and a password for each of these programs. If you are unsure of their user name or password, please see your child's class teacher. The cost of these programs is shared by the school and the Falls Road P & C.

Prodigy Maths

Prodigy Maths is an interactive and engaging on-line Maths Program where students create an avatar that takes part in different maths adventures. These adventures can be based on tasks set by the class teacher or the year level curriculum of the student. Students earn rewards for their avatar based on their success in completing the mathematical adventures.


Literacy Planet

Students are able to access Literacy Planet, an on-line literacy-based program that covers a wide range of literacy skills. There is a huge range of interactive activities that students can take part in that are all aimed at improving students' literacy skills.
It is a self-paced program and students earn rewards as they complete activities. There are also a range of games and activities that they can do as well

Literacy planet

Passwords for Prodigy and Literacy Planet are available from your child's class teacher.