Our Principal

Our Principal

Mr Bruce Fraser

Mr Bruce Fraser commenced with the Department of Education in 1987 and has taught and led schools throughout the state, mostly the Wheatbelt and Mid-West with a recent stint in the Pilbara. He has filled leadership roles in Education for 17 years including the Principalship of a 13 student, 1 teacher school in the 90’s, and later in the 2000s, in the jungles of Indonesia running a school for expatriate students whose parents were employed by a mining company.

Bruce has two young adult sons and wife, Vanessa, an Emergency Nurse.

Mr Fraser has been able to maintain a strong perspective of our broader community through intermittent breaks in education and working for the WA Football commission, Local government, and a health care company.
He has also been heavily involved in amateur and semi-elite level sport, particularly coaching development and state league Netball, and WAFL development football. Hence his passion for health, well-being and physical education.

Mr Fraser’s philosophy on education is that relationships are the foundation for good learning, and that development of the whole child is paramount. ‘Our school needs to be a safe, supportive and positive environment which allows every child to discover and then share their passions and interests. Every child must have their moment to shine.’
Mr Fraser knows that teachers are expertly knowledgeable, are lifelong learners, and are extremely caring. Teacher expertise needs to be trusted, and their commitment to the profession respected.

‘Falls Road Primary School, under my stewardship will continue to connect with the community, I will allow teachers to concentrate on their core business, and we will send well rounded young people on to their secondary education with fond memories of their time at our school.’