Business Plans and Operational Plans

Business Plans and Operational Plans

Our Business and Operational Plans

Business Plans

As an Independent Public School, Falls Road has a 3 year Business Plan in place that guides the school's operations over that 3 year period. The Business Plan is reviewed on a yearly basis.

Elements that make up the Business Plan include:

  • School Context
  • Staffing Profile
  • Planning Directions - Department of Education
  • Shared Understandings
  • Planning Links for Student achievement
  • Achievement targets for Learning Areas
2023 - 2025 Business Plan

2020- 2022 BUSINESS PLAN

Operational Plans

Falls Road Primary School also has a number of Operational Plans that are based around teaching strategies and resourcing for the different learning areas. These are developed after reviewing data collected in different learning areas across the course of the year. The data is collected from a range of sources including NAPLAN, School-wide testing in Term 1 and Term 4, as well as teacher judgements and formative assessments conducted throughout the year.

These Plans identify strategies, resourcing, timelines and methods of monitoring data collected that will enable Falls Road staff to effectively plan for improving student outcomes. These plans also identify specific focus areas throughout the school that have been identified as areas of specific need. The Operational Plans are reviewed periodically throughout the year.

Falls Road 2023 Operational Plans