School Leaders

School Leaders

School Leaders and Faction Captains and Vice Captains

School Leaders at Falls Road Primary are chosen on a Semester by Semester basis. This provides a greater number of students the opportunity to be school leaders.

Each Semester, there will be 10 students elected from amongst the Year 6 students. Each elected student will represent a class across the school.

Students are elected by students from the Year 4 - 6 classes. Students who have nominated for the positions, present a speech outlining the qualities they will bring to the position. After the speeches have been presented, the students from Year 4 - 6 then vote for the students who they think will do the best job as student leaders. In Semester2, the students in Year 3 also get to vote for the Semester 2 School Leaders.

The same process is used for the election of a male and female Faction Captain. The Captains  are chosen from the Year 6 students. In this process, only the members of the factions, Red, Blue and Gold get to vote for their preferred candidates. Faction Captains are elected for the entire year.

If a student has nominated for both School Leader and Faction Captain and they get voted in for both positions, they are asked to choose one or the other. This allows more students the opportunity to have experience in a leadership position.

Congratulations to the following students:

  2024 Semester 1 School Leaders
  • Amelie, Chloe, Emily, Isa, Jacob, Kira, Lily, Owen C, Tami and Ysabella
   2024 Faction Captains and Vice Captains
  • GOLD    -     Aarik and Arliese       
  • RED       -    Sebastian and Billie     
  • BLUE     -    Isaac and Eloise