Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Meet our Teachers

In 2017 Falls Road Primary School is running 9 primary school classes, 2 Pre-Primary classes and 2 Kindergarten classes. Pre-Primary - Year 6 students attend 5 days a week and the 2 Kindergarten classes attend on Monday/Wednesday and a Tuesday/Thursday as well as every alternate Friday. We also have specialist teachers for Art, Music, Physical Education, Health (Years 1 - 4) and Italian (Years 3 -6).

2017 Teachers

Year level/Learning Area Teacher

Kindergarten                                    Mrs Jackie Maunder
                                                            Mrs Sue Dupont - Friday

Pre-Primary                                      Mrs Katie Letton - PP (Room 3)
                                                            Mrs Sue Dupont - PP Thursday (Room 3)
                                                            Mrs Nonie Taylor - PP (Room 4)
                                                            Mrs Michelle Holt - PP Thursday (Room 4)

Year 1                                                 Mrs Dusanka Mutter  (Monday - Thursday)
                                                            Mrs Tracey Paton  (Friday)

Year 1                                                 Mrs Janet Allan

Year 2                                                 Mrs Sharon McCarthy

Year 2                                                 Mrs Megan Leeming

Year 3                                                 Miss Danielle Bunter

Year 3/4                                            Mrs Alexis Keeffe

Year 4                                                 Mr Peter Bernardi

Year 5                                                 Mr John Winter
                                                            Mrs Clare Miller (Friday)

Year 6                                                 Mrs Shirley Harris (Monday - Wednesday)
                                                            Mrs Erin Burns (Thursday and Friday)

Art                                                      Mrs Sue Dupont (Monday and Tuesday)

Music                                                  Ms Inger Johnston (Thursday and Friday)

Physical Education / T & E             Mr Nigel Bennett - Year 1 - Year 4 (Thursday/Friday)
                                                            Mr Simon Docherty - Year 5 and 6 (Tuesday/Friday)

Italian                                                Mrs Sarah Schubert (Wednesday)

Health                                                Mrs Clare Miller (Monday)