Newsletter # 5, 2019

Newsletter # 5, 2019

09 Apr 2019

Newsletter # 5, 2019 teaser FROM THE PRINCIPAL

Dear Parents,
We are coming to the close of what has been a jam packed term and a great start to the year.
The Faction Swimming Carnival was very well supported by parents. It was an excellent carnival and the Tabloid Games contributed to the level of participation and enjoyment of all the students. Congratulations are extended to Mr Docherty for coordinating this.
Thank you also to all the staff who contributed to the successful running of the Carnival and to the parents who assisted as judges.
We congratulate all students on their sportsmanship and Blue Faction on winning the shield.
The School Social last Thursday night provided a wonderful culmination to the student’s dance lessons this term. There was a fantastic turnout from parents and it is tremendous to see this level of support. Students showed how well they had learnt their dances throughout the Term and parents also had an opportunity to join in the fun.
Thank you Taryn from Footsteps for facilitating the dance lessons during the Term and running the Social at St Brigid’s.
Thank you also to the Year 6 parents, particularly Kielley Edwards, who coordinated the support for Mrs Burns, Mr Winter and the Year 6 students with yummy goodies for the stall.

Cath and Josh, the presenters from Kaboom were absolutely amazing. The students thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the interactive approach. You can visit their website for more information on their shows.

Faction Swimming Champions and Runner-Up Champions
                              Champion                    Runner-Up Champion

Year 4    Boys             Luke S                                Jack F
             Girls            Zoe V N                                Eliza T
Year 5    Boys           Adam I                                Dexter C
             Girls           Matilda T                              Isabelle S
Year 6    Boys           Josh B
                                Benji B
                                 Kai C
             Girls            Eve H                                  Indiana L
The Stirk Interschool Swimming Carnival is taking place this Friday, 5 April at Bilgoman Aquatic Centre on Great Eastern Highway in Darlington. This carnival is only for students in Year 4 – 6. The Year 4 students have an A & B Division and the Year 5 and Year 6 have an A, B & C Division.
Students are chosen for this carnival based on their performances in the A Division races at our Faction Swimming Carnival. There will be breast stroke, freestyle and back stroke events as well as a year level mixed relay. The carnival will start at 9.30am and will finish at approximately 12.30pm. Parents are invited to come along and support our team.
There is a spectator charge of $2.50. Please note that the ‘little pool’ is not available for any younger siblings who may be attending.
The School Board met last night and held the AGM and the first general meeting for the year. Congratulations to Dr Iain Thin who was elected as Chair.
The Board is comprised of:
Staff Representatives: David Ingle, Simon Docherty, Sharon McCarthy (Minute Secretary)
Parent Representatives: Catherine Beck and Liam Lynch
Community Representatives: Emma Stone, Leanne Rowe and Iain Thin (Chair)
The Board reviewed the Business Plan and the data showing the progress against the TARGETS in the Business Plan.
The Board also reviewed The Curriculum Operational Plans, The One Line and Comparative Budgets and the Annual Report which will be forwarded to the Department by the end of Term.
The Easter Hat Parade will be held next Wednesday, 10 April at 8.45am in the Moonlight Hall.
Our ANZAC Service will be held on Friday, 12 April, commencing at 1.30pm. There will be a light afternoon tea in the hall for parents, visitors and special guests after the Ceremony.
We look forward to seeing you there.
The Brilliantly Behaved Kids Party (Pizza in the Garden) will be held on Tuesday 9 April at lunchtime in the Nature Play area and the Sausage Sizzle will be held on Thursday 11 April at lunchtime for students in the winning faction.  Students will be notified on Wednesday, 10 April who the winning Faction is.

Students return to school on Tuesday, 30 April.

David Ingle


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