2020 Falls Road PS Spelling Bee

2020 Falls Road PS Spelling Bee

18 Nov 2020

2020 Falls Road PS Spelling Bee teaser The 2020 Falls Road Spelling Bee will be held over the next 3 weeks with the Spelling Bee Final to be held on Friday, 4 December.

Each student from Year 1 through to Year 6 will have an opportunity to get in to the Spelling Bee Final by qualifying through their class competition. The class competitions are written tests, but the Spelling Bee Final will be a verbal competition.

The spelling lists for each year level are available for download below:

Year 1 words

Year 2 words

Year 3 words

Year 4 words

Year 5 words

Year 6 words

Parents will be able to come and watch the competition finals. The times for the Finals will be published closer to the date of the finals, Friday, 4 December.

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