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Falls Road Primary School has a very active Parents and Citizen's Association. The P & C is actively involved in a range of fundraising activities that take place throughout the year. These include:

  • Mother's Day and Father's Day Stalls
  • Special Dress Days eg. Crazy Hair Day, Favourite Sports dress-up
  • Easter Hat Parade
  • Hamburger Days
  • Tea and Coffee on sports days
  • ANZAC Day support - supplying wreaths and setting up

The P & C are also involved in 2 major fundraising ventures that take place in alternate years. One is a Quiz Night that is held at the school and attracts sponsorship and active participation from the local community and is a great social event for the school.

The second major fundraising event is the Moonlight Markets. This involves the whole school as well as the local community. Each class runs a market stall and the P & C also run a variety of stalls and activities. The Moonlight markets take place in October/November every second year and are organised to coincide with full moon. This event attracts fantastic community support and participation and is a major fundraiser for the P & C.

The P & C association meets twice a term (Week 3 and 8) in the school staff room at 7.00pm. All parents are urged to become active members. It is in each student's best interest for the P & C to be as active and dynamic as possible.

The P & C provides parents with the opportunity to participate in a forum where all points of view can be expressed. It is also a body through which influence can be exerted to provide improvements in buildings, grounds and equipment. Office bearers for each year are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held early in the school year. This is advertised in the school newsletter and on the term planner.

Office Bearers for 2017

- Mr David Ingle
President - Vanessa Rando
Vice President - Clare Ward
Treasurer - Rebecca Court (Clare Ward assisting)
Secretary - Catherine Beck
Fundraising Co-ordinator - Melissa Stoffels
Moonlight Market Coordinator - Karen McCann
Uniform Shop Co-ordinator - Judith Longa (Catherine Beck assisting)
Pre-Primary representative - Bronwyn Sprogowski
Kindergarten Representative - Bronwyn Sprogowski
Community Officer/Public Relations - TBA

School Banking Officer - Clare Ward